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Looks like New Amsterdam is becoming a bit more like...Old Amsterdam.

The Venice Beach trail is like the MVT, but with people entering and exiting randomly at even greater frequency. Great for people watching, not so much for making time on your way to the Santa Monica pier.

Most serious cyclists would never get onto the MVT on a nice day, but for the fact that there is literally no alternative route. So while we all sympathize with the well-meaning dad and cheer his efforts to get his kid on a bike, the fact remains that the design of the MVT is such that the use demands totally overwhelm its capabilities for both recreational and transportation uses. Putting a wobbly kid into that mix is bound to be an exercise in frustration, mixed in with bouts of near-terror.

Maybe the NPS should create a well-marked bicycle learning area just off the MVT. It might be a big attraction and a good thing for NPS, assuming they like having more people in their parks (I'm still not clear on that).

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