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Arlington's quite keen on gold in the next round. Glad to see that plowing priority was on the list for Minneapolis.

Just as a reminder: The designation is valid for four years after which the community has to go through the renewal process.

The City of Alexandria earned a bronze level designation in 2009. After the add-on tax defeat we will see whether they will manage to improve to silver during the renewal process.

Eric W: While Alexandria failed to pass the add-on tax, they did raise the basic property tax on everyone by 2 cents, with that money being earmarked for transportation. This is expected to raise 13.5 million, which is close to what the add-on tax would have raised. I am not thrilled that, unlike the add-on tax, these funds are vulnerable to being diverted away from transportation, but I am very happy with the overall level of funding.


I read about the "earmarking" but am less optimistic (but hopeful!) than you on the use of these funds.

Of course I hope and expect that Alexandria continues to improve its biking infrastructure and programs. There is definitely enough room...

Do you know whether these reserved funds come with the same conditions as the add-on tax, i.e. only for new projects and not for maintenance?

If Arlington is keen on Gold, maybe it should stop installing bike red lights - and instead solve dangerous intersection problems. Red light after red light on a short span of the Custis trail makes the trail unusable and will push Bikes into the stret.

The biggest hiccup to Alexandria getting Silver-designated won't be funding...it'll be Complete Streets.

Speaking of the add-on tax, I did a short blog piece on it over the weekend. Surprised Wash didn't catch it...

I was on vacation and I'm way behind. I have had to ignore a lot of stuff.

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