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Thank God for bike racks on MetroBuses. Now I don't have to carry pumps, spare tubes and appropriate rain attire.

This may sound stupid, but I've never used the racks on MetroBus at least in part because I've never used them and I would be embarrassed to hold people up while fumbling. (Fear of looking stupid is pretty powerful.) If some of the larger bike to work day pitstops had a sample rack that people could try out it would certainly make ME more likely to consider the bike on Metrobus option.

Not a bad idea, you should contact Kristin Haldemann of Metro and asking her what they can do. (202) 962-1848.

Interesting to hear about the bait bike program. Do you know at which station they caught someone?

She specifically wouldn't say - to protect the program.

+1 Embarrassed.

I too have never considered using the racks for the same reason. In the back of my mind has been the idea to collar a driver sometime at a Metro station when they are on a schedule break to try them out.

I think it would be a great idea for each jurisdiction - DC, Montgomery, Arlington, etc to have a bus parked at one of the major rest stops so people and try them out with their bikes.

Unless there are multiple bike thieves at NY Ave. (certainly a possibility), given recent activity, that's not the station.

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