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I sent them an email a week ago. I see that they already added my suggestions to the crowdsourcing map.

I'm glad they extended the boundaries of the expansion area all the way down to Arlington Blvd. If they put a couple stations in the Lyon Park area, perhaps near Pershing Dr. and maybe a station or two on 10th St. N., this would facilitate CaBi trips between Pentagon City and Clarendon. Otherwise, it might not be easy to make the trip within the 30-min. time limit (before add-on fees are incurred).

There is no direct Metro connection between the two popular neighborhoods. This is exactly what CaBi would be good at, providing a convenient form of transportation where Metro is absent. The only alternatives are private car, taxi, bus or a roundabout Metro trip with a transfer at Rosslyn. Frankly, I'd rather ride a bike for the short trip. And I'd really prefer to use CaBi so I wouldn't have to worry about locking up my own bike in Clarendon or Pentagon City.

@michaelH; I am not trying to pick a fight here, as I think you basic idea of using a bike to get between neighborhoods is not a bad one.

But a few pushbacks:

1. Isn't it in CABI's interest to charge $1.50 for that ride between Rosslyn and Crystal City. Is it worth that? And can it even be done?

2. Again, while I think the idea of connecting Arlington mini-pods is a good one, perhaps this isn't the time to do so? Saturate the RB corridor first, then worry about connections.

That all being said, I thought the line they were drawing around R-B looks pretty good. Bikeshare around Pershing is a good idea.


I'm not sure is it's in CaBi's interest to charge $1.50, as the charge will reduce the number of folks that would aim to make that trip.

Lyon Park would be a good next step, but I agree with you that CaBi is taking a good approach by concentrating/saturating stations, even if it creates a set of de facto self-contained networks for the time being.

If Rosslyn-Ballston is phase 2, then it would make a lot of sense to have phase 3 be the one that connects the county from northwest to southeast, with groups of stations in Cherrydale, Lyon Park, Columbia Pike (especially on the heavily populated eastern end), and Shirlington.

Lyon Park is probably worthy on its own merits of a station, and would be a good interim connection between the two 'pods.'

Longer term, after they've saturated the R-B corridor, I hope they plan to create a Bikeshare Beltway around the Pentagon/Ft Myers by putting stations all along the Four Mile trail and neighborhoods (Shirlington!). That would connect the two 'pods' rather well.

@Jacques; agree with you on "stage 3" ideas.

But my point about the $1.50 is it really is easier/better to get from R-B to CC/PC by bike, then it might be worth $1.50. That is, after all, cheaper than the Metrorail or Metrobus.

Revenue is always nice. Reducing the number of trips can be a good thing if there is a re-distribution problem. I'd see the charge as a problem if it discourages people to become members....

I would think that facilitating trips between R-B and PC would attract new members, though I'm just guessing at that. There are many people in Arlington who don't have a car. There are also many who may not want to drive a car for short trips.

The PC/Clarendon trip might be reasonable within 30 min., even without a stopover station in Lyon Park, but just barely on the slow CaBi bikes. (Depends on waits at intersections, and so on.) So it could be a hit-or-miss situation. I'm hoping CaBi doesn't need to rely on revenue from those types of situations.

Though I try to be careful about not incurring per-ride fees, it seems that it tends to happen at least once a month for me. Mostly on Arlington/DC trips where I'm not paying attention to the time. So CaBi has been getting extra money from me throughout the year, even though I've been aware of the fee structure since the very beginning.

I also see a lot of people at events who are either "hanging out" while riding a CaBi bike or who are kind of far from the nearest station. First thought that always comes to my mind is that these people are incurring extra per-ride fees.

I tend to guess (again) that many one-day/five-day users rack up these charges. Especially visitors from out-of-town, but maybe also local residents who only use CaBi occasionally. I've seen a few complaints on the CaBi Facebook page about "unauthorized charges". But when CaBi asks them about ride length, they will sometimes reply "oops".

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