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I almost ran into one of Bambi's cousins on the W&OD last summer. Fortunately he made a lot of noise before he jumped out of the bushes and onto the trail. I had enough time to slow down and stop before I collided with him. He looked surprised to see me. Then he headed back into the foliage and took off.

Eastern Cottontail -- I see those all the time along 4-mile run X MVT.

Also - carolina chickadee, northern mockingbirds, grackles, starlings, cardinals, blue jays, and house sparrows nearly every commute! Right now the juveniles of many species (mockers and starlings are abundant) are out there.

I see them all the time up where the Trolley Trail meets Paint Branch.

Last night there were two of them hogging the trail, and they refused to move to the right when I rang my bell. Dang scofflaw deer...

Really, all that's missing is a Gwadzilla to make the scene complete.

Saw my third beaver last week on the Georgetown Branch. All have appeared near the far eastern end of the trail.

I've also been noticing how many birds perch in the middle of the the Georgetown Branch. I think the crushed stone surface provides them excellent gravel for their gullets.

Last fall I got stared down by a six-pointer with a look in his eye that said "this trail's not big enough for both of us, buddy." I stopped.

On that note, I saw a deer standing on the Suitland Pkwy trail near Stanton Rd yesterday.

Last year, on my first day riding to work after moving back up here from North Carolina, I got on the Rock Creek trail up in Kensington, while it was still very dark out, and I came about 10 feet from running into a huge 10-point buck.

I actually didn't stop because of it. I stopped because it was too dark and was going to turn around and stick to Beach Drive. I looked up, and it hadn't seen me yet because its head was down. I uttered something out loud, and then it heard me and took off– in the opposite direction, thankfully.

Oh, and I see tons of them in Rock Creek Park every morning. Although the thing that surprises me most is all the cardinals I see. I think there's only one pair that visits my yard, but I must have seen a dozen different pairs the other day. I guess they're just very active at 5:30 a.m.!

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