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I'm a pretty strong cyclist and daily bike commuter to PG county from Bethesda. I'm impressed if that guy is really biking to DC from baltimore. A really strong cyclist can do it in maybe 4 hours, but that means he's leaving at 5 AM to get there by 9. I'd be dead after that. Bottom Line: Not sure if serious.

If by really strong cyclist you mean the Google cyclist then four hours is about right. I think the ride would be closer to 3 hours for a really strong cyclist. If he does this April through October that works out to about 6,000 miles. Impressive but not unbelievable.

At three hours per commuting segment, four segments per week, that's 12 hours bike commuting a week. About the same as me. I'm still jealous though -- Bmore to DC and then to do any work other than examining inside of eyelids very impressive.

That is impressive. I'd like to know the route he takes.

As for the time: he is a gay man in a two income couple, and no mention of kids. That would account for a few hours a day.

That micro trail looks like a great idea! I'd love to see trails connecting some the cul-de-sac developments near where I live. In the West End of Alexandria, for example, it is hard to get around without riding on challenging arterial roads.

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