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If one tenth the energy bicycle haters and the bike-indifferent spent noodling with their bicycle-related problems were dedicated to the management of tour bus traffic...

"bus" not "tour bus"

I've been brushed by Metro buses too. In Arlington, on Pershing westbound, before Glebe. I too caught up to the bus driver and told him how close he came to me (maybe he judged his pass/overtake incorrectly). He just gave me the finger.

Most buses are fine and understand that with their frequent stops, I'm the faster vehicle. This driver was young, and, well, a dick. Obviously.

A related issue I have is with "Out of Service" Metro buses. They tend to be driven recklessly since they're empty of passengers/witnesses and the drivers are probably racing to finish up and get home. "Out of Service" Metro buses make my Top 10 List of Dangerous Vehicles to Not Mess With.

that bus driver should be fired. they've been educated on how to drive around cyclists already. no need for "re-education" here, that driver is a hazard to living beings.

I was once passed within inches by a Fairfax County Connector bus on a road with no shoulder. If I see one coming I get out of its way. Getting hit by a bus can ruin your whole day.

Even if you HAD gotten the name and number, its unlikely to do you any good. Recall the trouble WMATA had in firing bus drivers who ran over people in the cross-walk.

Or the one who punched a DC police officer dressed up as McGruff The Crime Dog while on the job.

A WMATA bus driver could stab the President in the ass and he'd still keep his job. They should fire every single last one of them, and just start all over.

I've complained about the DC circulator and I doubt the complaints are even read (and it is unclear whether DDOT or Metro is even the proper recipient).

Another reason to complain about specific drivers is to help the plaintiffs when that driver hurts someone enough to sue. The fact that Metro was told about his or her bad driving can really help prove that Metro--as well as the driver--are negligent.

Glad you're okay.

Not glad he got away with it.

Firing isn't the only discipline option.

@ le guy:

Well, sure. But we don't want them "disciplined"; we want them to not be operating large vehicles anymore.

Re: the bus

That's exactly how my friend got sideswiped by a metro bus and broke his wrist on 7th street between Constitution and Madison.

The honk and buzz is my term for it.

uh, there is nothing you can do about bus drivers in dc. this is the reality.

the stories are LEGEND. i have my own, and documented, too. a WABA lawsuit would be beneficial, but that wont happen...

DO NOT LET A BUS PASS YOU on any city street unless it is OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY SAFE. They need to ride behind bikes: period. let them yell, etc.. flip them the finger. and stay in front of them. it won't be long until youre ahead of and cler of the bus and it'll be over...

the worst thing is to let the BUS DRIVER make YOUR LIFE DECISION FOR YOU. they are, as a group, too stupified by this culture to be trusted to make sucha judgment. it's NOT THEIR FAULT that they're are low on the social totem pole, and that theyre stupid as hell. do you know ANY parents of merit who WANT their children to become bus drivers when they grow up?...


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