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Can someone show me where this is exactly on a map? I can't figure out where this thing actually is.

There's a link in the post where it says "Google maps shows"

You can continue south on Telegraph Road if you follow a small detour. Follow Huntington Ave. east for 50 yards to Kathryn St., cross Huntington and then follow the sidewalk west and over the hump back to Telegraph Road. Sometimes the detour sign is hard to see amidst the construction jumble. From there you can head south about 800 yards to Telegraph Station for beer sandwiches, and music. Stop off at Jefferson Manor Park for softball on Saturdays. Continue south on Telegraph about 2 miles to Lee District Park and Rec Center, 3 miles to Huntley Meadows Park, and for the really ambitious 16 miles to Mason Neck State Park. Happy riding.

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