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Oh, the mountain bike skills park that could have been . . .

Finally a road bike-friendly surface there. That section had been quite a mess.

The section in the picture does not include the short stretch of the Mount Vernon Trail. I took this shot through a chain link fence from the bumpy asphalt patch that was laid on the torn up MVT. I am begining to think that the MVT should be renamed in honor of Rodney Dangerfield because it doesn't "get no respect, no respect at all."

Yeah, I complained about the bumpy patch that was laid carelessly for no obvious reasoj -- the reponse from the city:

"It's not a city thing, it's VDOT. I'll relay the message for you. Thanks for your patience while the park is built."

It's not a big deal, but the constant second-rate crap cyclists are given sometimes gets annoying -- especially when it's so blatantly obvious that people CHOSE to do a crappy job.

Do you know where is the location of the final MVT trail in the newly improved Jones Point Park.
May be... just may be it is crappy because it is temporary.

That's possible. The temporary path of the MVT at the 14th St. Bridge and the Humpback Bridge was pretty bad one week, but it was fixed soon after. The permanent paving and design is really nice.

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