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I rode the new Beltway overpass this morning. It's pretty nice. I rode it from Eisenhower to the other side and then took a left on Huntington. Sorry, didn't think to take a camera.

My only comments would be:

1. There is a total lack of signage on either side. The facility is open, but I hope that sometime soon signs go in to help those who may not have read about this on the Web several times. The one sign there is is a "Do Not Enter" sign facing Eisenhower Ave, clearly intended for cars as the exit ramp is otherwise one way headed north, but the sign is smack dab in the middle of the entrance to the bridge path, so it's a little ambiguous.

2. The connection on the Huntington Ave side to anything is dicey at best. I ended up riding on a narrow sidewalk a couple hundred feet to get to a cut out in the curb where I could get out onto Huntington Ave headed east. Then again, everything on that side of the Beltway is still a total mess of construction, so maybe it'll all be remedied at some future date? I hope.

All that said, the path itself is plenty wide, smooth and clean (only some muddy construction worker footprints). There aren't even any nasty joints between spans to have to navigate/get out of the saddle for.

I rode on the underpass at the Humpback Bridge after reading this post. Pretty cool to ride around by the marina. I've never been over there despite passing by on the MVT frequently.

I was on the Telegraph Rd overpass myself yesterday. Was going to write something up this morning, but you two beat me to it.

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