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I believe The tunnel will actually connect Mill Road to Duke Street. You can see the current tunnel just to the right of the Telegraph Bridge in the Google link.

The tunnel connects mill to Duke, but the bridge will connect to Pershing. You can see the overpass above and to the left in the google streetview link.

The real question is why on earth it took this long to open the Telegraph path. It's literally been complete but blocked off since last summer. While one could attempt to argue safety, people have to get across somehow, and daily I see folks walking in active traffic lanes simply because the trail that's completed simply has two barricades at either end.

The real irony is that once you arrive on Eisenhower the first sign you see 10 feet away promotes how bike friendly the city is.

On the tunnel side, it's almost the same story. Closed back in December due to construction nearby. Which is really just a short way of saying they were too lazy to simply work around it. Only until the last week has there been any real safety reason why it should be closed. The challenge with it being closed is it's incredibly popular to get between Duke and Hoffman Plaza - else you have to take a 1+ mile detour because of the tracks.

The reason it's taken this long is because VDOT had to widen the Telegraph Rd bridge over Cameron Run first, something that did not begin until last fall.

Wash: I didn't quite "bury the lead", per se...I focused on the negative aspects from the Transportation Commission meeting first, in part because one of the negatives (King St Metro sidewalks) tied into one of the positives (King St Metro bike parking).

Ok, so I am a walker, not a biker, but I have looked several times for an underpass to get me from mill rd to duke but I can only find the one that is closed for repairs. Is there another I am missing?

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