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this will be interesting to watch...

rockville and shady grove dont have destinations worthy of riding a bicycle. it's an entirely car-centric area. the morons who developed the area (or the morons who allowed it to develop as it is has....) havent left much of anywhere to ride a bike.

I wouldnt go as far as Michael in dissing Rockville and Shady Grove, but WHY are they putting them out there. Did I miss something? I would have imagined CaBis in Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Medical Ctr etc (helping with BRAC), and Takoma and Silver Spring on the other side of the Red line. Those would integrate with the existing CaBi network, but could be their own little hub.

@ Michael I totally agree that Rockville Pike is entireley car centric but you have to get a on a bike to discover destinations worthy of riding a bicycle. There are some. Having stations at Shady Grove and Rockville adds some robustness to the share system for Montgomery College students coming via Metro. The route from Montgomery College to Shady Grove via Millenium Trail and King Farm is quite bikeable. They just need to remove some chain link fence.

@ SJE What you missed is something called 'civic capacity.' Rockville apparently has it, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, etc., not so much.

When you rely on grants (free money!) for most of the funding, waste is the result. Rockville and Shady Grove are dreadful locations for a small, isolated bikeshare program. I hate to be pessimistic, but I can easily imagine that this will be abandoned when the grant money runs out and the localities begin to have to pay for the operating expenses out of their own funds.

Projects like these are a setback for bikeshare, because they will be used by opponents to demonstrate that bikeshare is a costly boondoggle. We shouldn't accept projects supported by little or no local money with essentially no community buy-in that are likely to fail.

@ KLO If free money costs $688,000 then it really isn't free, is it? How do you know there is no community buy-in? it comes back to civic capacity--if there is a place you think more deserving, then mobilize. This is a bold experiment--I am sorry if you will be disappointed if it succeeds.

Rockville was actually a Bicycle Friendly Community about 10 years ago and I found it pretty easy to bike around the last time I was there.

KLO, where would you recommend putting a small, isolated bikeshare program if not in a city served by transit and connected to a major metropolitan area. You're talking about the program as though it already failed.

SJE, as early man noted, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. Especially if the squeeky wheel has $200k to dedicate to additional grease.

I doubt seriously whether this will be a failure. Given that the placement of stations will most likely be in a spoke-hub pattern (Metro-Pike Center Shopping Center, Metro-Montgomery College, etc...) you may actually avoid the redistribution issues you see in DC.

My fear is that it will have a much higher accident rate than in DC proper, and that those accidents--which will be caused largely by suburban sprawl--will be used to disingenuously attack the safety of the system as a whole (esp in DC).

@ Early Man, I hope it is successful. I simply think that system expansion into Rockville and Shady Grove is counterproductive at this time. If I turn out to be wrong, I will be the first one to say so.

I will bet $10,000 dollars this will not be successful. Any takers?...I'll give you 2-1 odds.

I bicycle through rockville all the time. i know EVERY destination in this entire region...if you want to know how to get ANYWHERE in this region..including to pittsburg...boston..nyc...lancaster, pa, annapolis...you name it, ive been there via bike...mutliple times...and i can tell you how to get there with minimal hassle, and the chances for using bus or train or light rail as well. ive ridden about 15,000 miles for the last 26 years...

rockville has no destinations that are particularly motivating...or useful shady grove surely does not.

by the way and this bears repeating: MoCo per Richard Layman's take on it, is kind of non cooperative feifdom. Theyre idiots. The sidepaths all over the county are a joke-- theyre horrible...for anyone who can travel more then 10mph.

...and Law enforcement will not stand up for bicyclists-- and they wont help CABI riders either. MARK MY WORDS: go the meeting on monday...youll see exaclty what i mean: they will discuss the issues on macarthur blvd as if the bicycle is the impediment to cars zooming around traffic free! MARK MY WORDS!!! ive had detailed long experience with MOCO. they simply have no courage, and no vision.

michael -- I'm guessing you don't work in rockville or near shady grove. Place of work and home are destinations that are pretty darned "motivating".

I'll repeat what I said on ggw - there is a large men's shelter on Gude near Crabbs Branch, a horrendous location because it is 2 miles from the metro and is poorly (I'm guessing) served by bus. The shelter has a large bike rack in its yard, and that rack is nearly always full. The shelter is 100-200 yards from a large office park with probably tens of thousands of employees.

Put a station amidst those offices, which is near that shelter, and I think it will be very much in demand by the multitudes of employees of the office park who'd probably like to metro to shady grove if they could get the last 2 miles to their office, and by the users of that shelter, who apparently already bike a lot.

michael, among my Dad's better pieces of advice is to "never bet more than you're willing to lose." And $10,000 does not pass that test.

But, out of curiosity, what would you define as "succesful"? I've got 35 cents, cash money, burning a hole in my pocket.

The Crystal City pod is roughly the same size as the proposed Rockville/Shady Grove pod. I am not a betting man, but, if I were, I would bet that the Crystal City pod will be more successful than the Rockville/Shady Grove pod. Crystal City has more density, more desirable destinations (notwithstanding the amazing men's emergency shelter in Rockville), is more bike friendly, has more complementary public transit, and is closer to the rest of the CaBi network.

I will, however, concede that the proposed Rockville/Shady Grove pod will get more use than the EOTR pod.

Except that Rockville will have 50% more bikes/docks than crystal city. And Rockville's population is about 4 times larger than Crystal City's. With 4000+ people per square mile, it seems plenty dense to me.

If they can spend so much on CaBi in Rockville, why not spend a fraction of that and clear the damn CCT when it snows.

@ SJE Because the CCT is in Bethesda (low civic capacity). The Millenium Trail in Rockville actually was cleared this winter, at least on the west side of 355.

@ KLO Crystal City has desirable destinations? If you are a mall rat maybe. You need to check out what the NY Times described as "A Piazza for a Maryland Suburb" known locally as Rockville Town Square

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