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The only thing actually blocking the Eisenhower underpass is that orange mesh fencing that they use for construction. Yesterday morning it was indeed back up, but I ran by there this morning and someone had taken it down again. I used it a few times last week and it wasn't clear to me what further work might need to be done. I'm glad it's done/almost done--it's quite convenient.

Bike art seems to be where usable bikes often go to 'die.'

Re: Apt building with Bicycle entrance,

That is great news. I hope this type of amenity become as standard in all buildings as indoor plumbing is today :)

Esocoff designed my building several years earlier. The "bike room" that we got was nothing more than otherwise unusable space (meaning the developer couldn't sell it as parking!) underneath the parking ramp for the garage entrance.

To access it one has to enter the back of the building, walk through the loading dock, carry your bike up a short flight of stairs, then ride a freight elevator down into the underground garage.

The only security that was provided was a simple chain link fence that didn't even go to the ceiling. Needless to say almost all the stored bikes were quickly stolen. The thieves even took the time to saw through u-locks.

And the area is just plain dirty. A week will see your bike covered in a layer of dust. After a month you might not even be able to identify it.

Pi approximation day is early this year. Usually it isn't until July.

You had the nerd in me all excited, but you're a month early with Pi Approximation Day :-\

Blind Pilot, I realized that this morning at my meeting.

Long live Croatian anti-fascists!

Why isn't March 14th also Pi approximation day?

@ah, it is.

You could say it was PIE Approximation Day as in "is that cherry or strawberry pie?" ;-)

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