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It's not great, but here's the comment I sent in:

Build option 4 (bike lanes and set-back sidewalk) is clearly the best
for pedestrian and cyclist safety and comfort.

The set-back sidewalk gives a buffer zone for walkers and joggers.
This is especially important for those walking children and dogs. The
sidewalks are also easier for neighbors to keep clear of snow during
winter time than a wide path would be.

With the bike lanes, cyclists are kept in traffic where they are less
vulnerable to left and right hooks, especially in the north-bound
direction. Bike lanes also avoid conflict with pedestrians and will
(hopefully) be cleared with snow plows during the winter.

Option 4 could very well give the city and excellent north-south
commuter route for cyclists, while at the same time providing a
friendly and much-needed sidewalk for people walking through the

I'm fairly new to the area and just getting acquainted, but it seems to me that this might be an ideal place for a seperated path as shown in Option 3. There are very few intersection crossing on the east side of the road, so conflicts should be at a minimum. I do understand the challenge of snow maintenance, but I am pretty concerned with the 4' bike lane width. That's less then the minimum 5' and 6' recommended widths.

Also, what are the observed speeds along Oregon Avenue? I know its posted at 25, but it looks like a stretch that could see a lot of speeding. If so, I would be concerned about bike lanes and the comfort level of those who aren't as experienced as some of us.

Whethor its Option 3 or 4, this looks like a beautiful place to ride.

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