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I'll have to check out the trail once it's fully built out. It would also be cool to have an outer bike "beltway" someday. Or a bike trail paralleling the inner Beltway.

Maybe I'll check out the new ICC section this weekend. Anyone have more specific knowledge as to where it actually starts? Is this an actual ICC trail section, or just one of the areas where the bike trail is routed onto an existing road?

I rode this a few weeks ago, it seemed to be complete at that time minus the connection to Muncaster Mill Rd.

What would be more useful is a connection to Lake Needwood and the Rock Creek Trail in the other direction on Needwood Rd. Does anyone know if this is planned?


There is a map here


And it shows an SHA route to lake Needwood.

Thanks, good to know.

Meanwhile, I question the timing of this announcement. I just rode the trail again this AM and it looks the same as it did three weeks ago.

And, it still just ends at Needwood Rd. There is no connection to Muncaster Mill or Lake Needwood. The trail just ends. Lake Needwood is only a quarter of a mile away, so you have to wonder why it was not possible to complete that connection at this time. If it had been, then they would actually have something significant to announce: a connection from the ICC and Olney to the RC trail.

Although it is not particularly bike friendly, (and the road surface is currently milled) it is possible to ride on Needwood Rd. to get to the lake.

At the other end, at Emory Rd, there is an ambiguous "Sidewalk closed" sign that is not too inviting.

This trail is still a plus, but hopefully the future ICC trail openings will be a little more coherent.

I tried to get onto the ICC trail this past weekend, and saw no safe way to do so from either end. Riding up Needwood Rd in that milled section with absolutely no shoulder in a fast turn is asking to be hit by a car, and there is nowhere to park either at the Needwood ICC trail entrance nor at the Emory Rd either. Is it just expected that everyone lives right next to the trailhead?

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