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It's so hot out that this morning a bird sh** (not sure of technical term for that) on me and I found it refreshing.

Thanks for mentioning it! I happened to win, so I'll be on again tonight.

Congrats, Brian! Regular Jeopardy watcher here and saw the show last night. I'll be cheering for you to have won back when the show was recorded... You know what I mean.

I was dressed and ready to go when I heard it was code red too. Why are drivers and their pollution blocking my commute?

As to Segways - in 2005 I wrote the NPS and asked if Segways were legal on the GW trail since there was a guy who was making a habit of it. The answer was "The National Park Service has imposed an interim restriction on the use of
Segways, motorized skateboards, and motorized scooters from all of the
George Washington
Memorial Parkway, including all of its park areas, sidewalks, trails, and
roads. Violation is prohibited and subject to citation by the U.S. Park
Police." I guess I would have to write again and see if this "interim" restriction is still in force. As worded, it does seem to allow electric assisted "true" bicycles.

What about scooters in bike lanes? I almost got nailed by one last night who wanted to pass a car on the right using the bike lane. How I avoided the crash is beyond me, but he got a, "F#(%, MAN!" outta me before I moved on.

Scooters - allowed.


Thanks, but they, like all road users (bikes included), should check their blind spots and mirrors before switching lanes. Oy.

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