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Okay, I've said this before, and now I've got the VA code citation. 46.2-833.C specifies that "[i]f the traffic lights controlling an intersection are out of service because of a power failure or other event that prevents the giving of signals by the traffic lights, the drivers of vehicles approaching such an intersection shall proceed as though such intersection were controlled by a stop sign on all approaches."

As I read that, if the light will not ever turn green for you, you treat it as a stop sign. The new (or revised) subsection B just codifies that treatment for a signal you don't yet know is incapable of turning green for you.

The signal activators I run into in Maryland generally turn the light for me, although I have to position myself right over the center of the loop, and it helps if I've have the Super Burrito with extra cheese for munch.

that patch woman who wrote that anti-bike screed goes on to say that we shouldn't take her seriously in the comments. sounds like she's auditioning to the be the next tony kornheiser. too bad for her.

I know, but Tracy Morgan said the same thing. There are limits [SNL did a great sketch on this once with Roseanne Barr after she made fun of the National Anthem].

Worse than the straw man argument and the language errors is the fact that it's just hack. There isn't really an original joke in there - except maybe the part where she brings in the motorcyclists. I can see my old stand-up friends rolling their eyes at this. "You need more Dan Quayle jokes" as Howard Kremer used to say.

All the Patch author needed to say was "not intended to be a factual statement." That gets you out of anything.

Guess it was only a matter of time, given the prevalent hysteria over the fear--real or, more often, manufactured--of terrorism in this country:


Re: Patch article. Ignoring for a second the argument, and how it has more holes than a cheese grater, the quality of writing is pretty damn poor. If that's what it takes to get published these days, I need to start sending out my resume to that kind of website.

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