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We have a similar problem on Eisenhower Ave in Alexandria.

Not even close to as much of a hazard as the tracks. Good thing the streetcars are running so we're at least getting some benefit... wait, what?

at least with streetcars you know their path. they won't be like busses and swerve all over the place. I'd much rather have to deal with stationary track and set-path vehicles than busses.

Yeah, those streetcar tracks are deadly to anything under 2" tires.....

It's a trade-off...transit accessibility via streetcar vs bicycle accessibility. Which is partly why Arlington is planning a bike boulevard on a route parallel to Columbia Pike instead of on Columbia Pike itself.

Fortunately, there are nearby options to H St NE...namely K St NE. Easier grade across the tracks, too, compared to the Hopscotch Bridge.

Is there a reason for putting grates running parallel to traffic? Do transportation departments do this by default, or do they put them out at random and cyclists only notice when they do it wrong?

It seems like this is a recurring problem and I'm wondering if the issue is just not getting the message out, or if there are in fact genuine competing priorities.

I think if the grates are perpendicular to traffic it is noisier for cars.

i almost brake my leg on one of this

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