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As phil and paul were constantly saying, Lemond won it once before but was wearing yellow at the time.

And you should have a link to the car accident with Fletcha. Terrible.

In Bob Roll's Versus Tour commentary, he said that Greg LeMond actually was the first American to earn the KoM jersey, but he was also in the Maillot Jaune at the time so he never actually wore the Polka Dot jersey.

Here's the video of the car/bike crash from yesterday's stage, on the NBC Sports website:


(You have to wait for the short ad to play before seeing the clip from the Versus coverage.)

Since Comcast now owns NBC Universal as well as Versus, all of the online coverage has shifted to NBC's websites.

Amazingly, Hoogeland (the cyclist who flipped over and landed in the barbed-wire fence) took over the polka-dot jersey yesterday, despite the crash.

It remains to be seen whether he will recover enough to defend the jersey on Tuesday. (No stage today, the first rest day.)

Alors! Will the French stop at nothing! Have done a couple of endos in my time, I take my hat off to the riders who got back on and completed the stage. Those guys are freaking tough.

I only half watch the tour while I do other things - like blog. So I saw the crash, but didn't realize it happened to riders in the front. I thought it was guys off the back. That sucks. The guy who went over the fence was much cooler than I would have been saying that no one was to blame. Which is wrong, but very gracious of him.

Nice move by Voeckler to stay up, btw. Chapeau, dude.

yes, but he lost points with the tongue wagging later. Dare I say frog?

Driver and TV crew banned from TdF...

I didn't hear the post-race chatter. What did he say?

After his showing in 2004, I've always had a warm spot in my heart for the guy.

No, oboe, I mean actual tongue wagging....and it is a giant tongue. He sticks it out while racing. Disgusting.

I've kept Voeckler on any number of my fantasy TdF teams....the 2004 run, however, was the best.

Ah, right you mean like: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/40624000/jpg/_40624754_voeckleragain.jpg




the horror, the horror.....

I was expecting a Gene Simmons-esque tongue, not this puny, blocky thing.

Phil Liggett's commentary was hilarious. He was speaking in a steady tone, tossing out descriptions left and right. Then he casually mentioned that Voeckler has the largest tongue in cycling.

It was weird to see but I'll cut him some slack because it can't be easy pushing on in a small lead group like that, on long steady climbs. Michael Jordan used to stick out his tongue too.

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