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another worthless destination!

I don't know if I'd call Kingman Island "worthless". Lots of wildlife in the area (I photographed beavers less than 1/2 mile away 10 minutes previously), and as I recall they had a bluegrass festival on the island a few weeks ago.

Definitely would not call this a worthless destination. There is so much to see out that way including wildlife and such. Plus you can't complain about additional bike racks throughout the area. The more the better.

It's a great place; the bluegrass festival last month was terrific, the hiking trails are nice, and the new nature center looks great.

Ignore Satan. He's like Mikey, he doesn't like anything.

Well, he does like to complain and gripe. That's one thing he likes.

This just got bumped up on my places to see...

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