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What would be the point in passing the cyclists? There are 3 other cars in front!

It is very clear that the motorist is being impeded from tailgating the car in front of the cyclist.


Hope it's not lost on anyone that the motorist is breaking the law by using a hand held device while driving. But since it's to document how cyclists are impeding his progress to catch the next car in front of the group, it must be okay, right?

Pics are pointless unless we also know how fast the car is going!

Wait, forgot, in MoCo the speed limit is now a minimum and the max speed allowed is... up to the driver?

@cyclestrong: Unless the driver reached way over, this does appear to have been taken by a passenger.

Any idea what that box on top of the dashboard (left edge of the photo) is? Are we in a police cruiser, or a taxicab?

I agree with the conclusion of the original post: This picture is not evidence of anything. Just the same...

Hope it's not lost on anyone that the motorist is breaking the law by using a hand held device while driving.

It looks like the picture was taken by a passenger in the front seat. I see a glove box, not a steering wheel.

Pics are pointless unless we also know how fast the car is going!

Right. Just like we don't know how the fast the cyclist in the lane is going relative to the other cyclists (he may be passing them), we also don't know the speed of the car in front of that cyclist. The car in front may be passing all of those bikes too, meaning that the car from which the picture is being taken may not have been "impeded" by the car in front any more than it was being impeded by the cyclist in the lane. If the cyclist had not been in the lane, we don't know if it would have been a "hurry up and wait" situation. In a static image you just can't know what's going on.

It is indeed hard to deduce anything from a static picture. A couple of points seem to be clear, though. One, there is a fair amount of traffic on the road in question, of both the motor vehicle and bicycle variety. Two, they both appear to using the road at the same time, even if the speed at this particular moment MAY not as high as the drivers wish. Three, either the next car up has just passed some of the cyclists, or they are travelling at the same speed.

Q.E.D., the cyclists are in fact sharing the road, and not impeding traffic.

The whole line of cars further in front didnt have trouble passing the cyclists. Whiny Dale Earnhart wannabees

No offense to anyone, but the fact that an outraged local motorist would feel compelled to take this picture makes me happy I don't live in Montgomery County! Amazing sense of entitlement out there, apparently. There are jerks everywhere, of course, on all parts of the road, but this person must be absolutely insufferable to feel "impeded" in this situation.

Don't know where this is, but it looks residential and that the speed limit would probably be 35 mph. And is that a share-the-road bike sign to the right of the bicyclists?

The peloton should take the road instead of the shoulder, forcing the car ahead to ride on the double lines to maintain 3 feet to pass them.

But it's MoCo, so that's suicide.

The photo was taken from inside a taxi - and not by the driver.

Yeah - you can see the meter just on the left hand side of the image.

And that's almost certainly not MacArthur.

And either a) the brown car in front had no problem passing the cyclist in the lane, or b) the cyclist only took the lane after the brown car passed...unless it was the brown car that bunny-hopped over the cyclist.

It's hard to see, but the last three riders appear to be wearing a uniform.

And the final rider's leg position indicates he may be about to do the dreaded "butt waggle", which is highly provocative to drivers, kind of like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

I don't think I'll ever understand how "Share the Road" means to certain motorists "All things must get out of my way"

If impeding means occasionally slowing down a cab to the posted speed limit, I'm all for it.

That's guys from the DC Velo team. This group ride goes fast, very easily hitting 25mph.

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