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Terrific. Let's show those scofflaw walkers, runners and cyclists! Who do they think they are?

The mind just boggles.

They did because it is fun. I have driven my Mini Cooper on bike paths late at night for the same reason.

"i cant see why they are parked on the trail?"

really? then youre [awesome]

they did it without thinking. they did it because they have been conditioned to consider this sort of behavior as acceptable, based on the practiced values, ossified into habits, that they have been produced by and through the larger dominant culture.

and we live in a car culture, so...read Cotton Seiler's book, Republic of Drivers.

this is why THE POLICE ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS IN BIKE ADVOCACY!!!!! they will ONLY help in the margins; they will NEVER be proactive. they are not antibike...but almost all racist segregationists werent anti-negro, now were they?...

how many fucking ways does a bike advocate have to be smacked in the ass to get this?...

@Huh? I made the same point albeit somewhat less profanely on my blog.


Somehow Bicycling Magazine gave Alexandria a Bicycling Friendly City Award - good until 2013!
The bar must be pretty low to get one of these awards.

I rode past the police cars that day. There was an event going on (the blue and white tent on the left). I don't know why they needed to park on the trail, but I guess they were providing security or something. I didn't have any trouble getting around them. I guess I'll overlook this because they've overlooked my coasting through the stop sign at Union and King.

On the list of important cycling-related news, this rates extremely low. I don't mind riding around 2 police cars parked on the trail due to some city event.

I agree, they shouldn't really be there, but this is the 1st time in 3 years I've seen police parked there, and it's not a huge problem.

I'm much more concerned about a lot of other stuff -- but I appreciate the post.

Reminds me of the night I encountered a DC police cruiser entering the Met Branch Trail along Bates Road coming from Fort Totten Drive. My guess is that the officer was trying to take a shortcut to the gas pumps located next to the waste dropoff center. I was biking toward it in the opposite direction.

As we slowly headed straight toward each other, I wondered what the law said about who had the right of way in that situation. Eventually the officer stopped and allowed me enough room to let me pass.

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