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Strange that the article is so concerned about not being able to watch the Tour coverage later in the day. Versus repeats each day's broadcasts multiple times, in the afternoon, evening and overnight. You have to really try to miss out on the TV coverage. I honestly think that they showed the short team time trial stage at least 7 times over a 24-hr period.

I'm certainly not complaining about the repeat broadcasts, however. I think it's great to be able to watch each stage on a flexible schedule. I'm looking forward to seeing the brutal mountain stages coming up. It almost makes my legs tired, just from watching them climb on TV.

And I continue to be amazed at just how fast those guys can push it. The lead guys were going close to 40 mph in the lead-in to the final sprint on one stage, on a flat road. Holy moly! 40 mph by bike, on a flat road?

how many times can you watch the same commercials? how many times can you watch the same decontextualized coverage, resplendent in its it full nationalistic, militaristic, homophobic, patriarchial, and consumerist zeal?

the tour is ridiculous these days. it is embarassing to watch. its almost as embarassing to drive a car in this cuoture, given the estimation of competence traffic engineers assume of the motoring public...

Big words! Outrage! Other things!

Vive le tour.

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