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Maybe Chris Bishop can join the Episcopal Bishop in hosting the rides...


With all the rcent talk about CaBi on the Mall, I was surprised last night's post on WTOP.com: "DDOT, National Park Service discussing bike share stations on National Mall," didn't make it this morning. (http://wtop.com/?nid=109&sid=2463555)

It was interesting to note that "[Bill] Line himself is an avid bicyclist who does not own a car."

nice PR pushback, but the damage was done. PR is making sure your streams don't cross, and guess what, they did here.

"It is the first part of a larger plan to build a seven-mile biking path down Wilson Lane and Persimmon Tree Road....MDOT's facility planning manager said her department recommends an 8-foot shared-use path on the north side of the road and a four-foot-wide bike lane along both sides of the road."

idiotic. unneccassary. wil only be used by school age children.

theyre morons in MoCo.

Somehow I missed the NPS article.

What will only be used by schoolchildren? The trail? The bike lanes? Is that bad?

Maybe local pro Jeremiah Bishop can be persuaded to come along. Call it "The Three Bishops' Ride".

The Times running writer takes part in a triathlon.

750 meter swim? 20k bike? 3 mile run? What kind of triathlon is that? Sign me up!

@oboe - that's a typical "sprint" distance triathlon (as opposed to the Olympic or International distance, the Half-Ironman or the Ironman). There are a couple in the local area, including an option during the DC Triathlon held each June. Just be warned - they're very addicting. :)

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