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Thanks for posting about the Versailles bike tour. Sounds really cool. I'll have to look into it if and when I ever return to France for a visit.

Did you see yesterday's stage of the Tour de France? A French TV station's car was driving near the breakaway group. The driver tried to pass the cyclists on a narrow road by driving partly on the grass. Then he saw a tree directly in his path so he swerved to the right to avoid the tree.

That meant bumping into the cyclists. He wiped out one of the riders who hit the road hard. Another rider flipped over his bike and crashed into a barbed-wire fence on the side of the road. He landed on his back and suffered deep cuts on both legs. Both men eventually fell back to the main group and finished behind the main peloton.

Those cyclists might have had a shot at a stage win if not for the idiotic driver. The rider who fell into the fence still picked up the King of the Mountains jersey, but it remains to be seen whether he will be able to recover fully before the next stage on Tuesday. He's really lucky that he didn't land in the barbed-wire face-first. That could have been really ugly, especially if he had lost his vision.

Good for New Yorkers to have access to that funky new super-secret double jeopardy route through Central Park. But, seriously, 5mph? That's a 12 minute mile.

Will they now also stop even average joggers for speeding?

Just to note that I am in NYC now and there are lot's of women on bikes here, and I do mean lots. The issue probably is they are not tracking bicycling for utilitarian purposes. A good 80% of the bicycles here have racks/baskets/panniers. I have seen several women with a stylish purse that doubles as a pannier.

Anyway I find it troubling that Andy Clark failed to mention that aspect of cycling as my impression of NYC is that utilitarian use of bicycles takes up most of the bike trips here.

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