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Congrats to Cadel. He definitely earned the victory with a great plan. He didn't panic when the other top contenders headed off on breakaways. He knew when he could afford to sit back and when he needed to give chase.

Andy Schleck looked tired from his risky solo climbs on the Alpine stages. While that moved him into contention, it may also have sealed his fate before the individual time trial even started. He also made an error in telling his coaches not to give him time updates during the TT. So he had no idea that he was so far behind Evans while he was riding. Maybe he wouldn't have been able to push any harder, but maybe he could have.

Thomas Voeckler was a great story this year. So close. Maybe he miscalculated too in the Alps. He rode up solo on the last mountain stage, in between the breakaway and the peloton. If he had held back and rejoined the peloton, he might have had more energy to push hard in the last part of the stage. But maybe not. I hope he gives it another shot next year.

By the way, George Hincapie has a really bad varicose vein problem. I've never seen anything like that. Yikes.


wait a minute, is the boston v. DC comparison being made on area, or population? i'm assuming area, because we're damn near even on population.

the fact that our bike sharing system includes arlington, wouldn't it make more sense to include the population and area of arlington with DC in any comparisons?


I think Arlington is different because they have so few to start with. It gets really hard to compare then.

The Miami incident reminds me of the time I was traveling in the bike lane on 14th Street NW in Columbia Heights and was nearly hit by a car that briefly drifted into my lane. Fortunately we were both going slowly, and I was able to swerve my bike to avoid a collision. Ironically, the reason the car drifted was that the driver was yelling out of his window, attempting to chastise another driver for bad driving. At least the guy was nice enough to apologize to me on the next block once he realized what he had done.

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