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A cyclist sued the city and state because she was injured when her front wheel fell into the open slots of a metal drainage grate, throwing her off the bike and hitting her face. The grate was of the "old" variety that was no longer used because it is not bike friendly and the road was a bike route. She lost her initial trial, but won on appeal.

Several people have warned DDOT about a similar dangerous situation on Bladensburg Rd between R Streets and Mt Olivet Rd when riding southbound. There are massive, deep gaps between the drains and the roadway where the road surface has crumbled away.

The road's actually pretty new, and you'd think they'd just get the contractor back to repair their shoddy work, but no such luck.

re: cyclist suing ...

Form many years cyclists couldn't get recompense for injuries that were the result of poor road design or maintenance as local governments hid behind the principle of sovereign immunity.

Hopefully that is changing and we now acknowledge* the necessity for building roads that are safe to use for ALL road users.

* - the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta exempted.

"when police officer shot a sick raccoon near a park's entrance. The cyclist was 170 feet away and separated by a fence. Police are calling it a "freakish accident." Only if this is how sick animals are supposed to be euthanized. "

Driving back from downtown a couple of weeks ago the north bound traffic was stopped by a Park cop north of the National Zoo entrance. Up ahead by the side of the road a guy in blue fatigues with initials that might have referred to animal control stood in the foliage about five feet off the curb. Another Park cop took a shotgun from his trunk, walked over to the animal control guy and aimed at something on the ground. POP, traffic started moving very quickly there after. Didn't even give the animal control guy time to retrieve what ever body was there. A trend here?

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