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Never heard of Michael Smith. I'm glad I've never heard of him, based on this dust-up. Can't say I'm too impressed by the fellow. Sounds like an immature ***.

Yeah, someone getting sliced up by a barbed-wire fence. Funny, hah hah. Seriously. That guy needs to grow up. What next? Oh, did you see that hilarious crash at the Indy 500? Did you see that batter let go of the bat and hit a little kid and his grandmother at the Yankee game? Oh-oh-oh! (head shake)

That picture of Mont Saint Michel is an old one. The Tour de France has been in the Pyrenees this weekend. Some really great battles on the mountain climbs yesterday, even though it ended up in a stalemate. Those guys are pushing some serious watts on those mountains. And doing serious speed on the downhills. Only 55 mph yesterday. (Thor Hushovd hit 69 mph the other day.)

Wow, now that is a cycletrack!

You missed the best part about the 405 closing -- the bike/ airplane/ rollerblade/ metro "great race" challenge.


Spoiler: the bikes won.

Next, they need to repeat it on a day the 405 is open and include cars!

yeah, I only found out about the race today.

it's funny, the first time i read that bit about los angeles, i thought it said the county was not "livable."

"... Montreal and Mexico City also both plan to be larger than DC's."

  • Mexico City: 90 stations
  • Capital Bikeshare: 114 stations
  • Montreal: 401 stations
  • London: 404 stations

"Dockblocking is an issue there too"

The codeline telemetry station availability maps now compare their system (and a few others) to ours. 

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