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Thanks for the great info. I appreciate that you posted this!

A lot of goodies in this list!

The Crystal Drive bike lane extension to Potomac Ave. will be nice, but I think they should convert the remainder of Crystal Drive to two-way traffic. It's not a major highway. The intersection at 23rd St. is awkward because southbound cars cannot continue on Crystal Drive. (I saw one drunk driver speeding through the wrong way down that section of Crystal Drive a couple weeks ago.) Two-way traffic would be more convenient for both cyclists and car drivers.

It's technically Old Jefferson Davis Hwy, near Long Bridge Park. That road is currently in poor shape, but it will likely be repaved once the first stage of the park is complete this fall.

I had no idea about the Washington Blvd. trail to Columbia Pike. This is excellent news. Now that CaBi has stations in both Pentagon City and (soon) in the Court House/Clarendon areas, we really need a better bike connection between the two neighborhoods. Someone suggested riding on the shoulder of Washington Blvd. on the Bike Arlington forum but I don't think that's realistic for CaBi riders or beginning cyclists in general. (Many experienced cyclists wouldn't be comfortable riding on that shoulder. I sure wouldn't be.) Courthouse Rd. is one option from Columbia Pike to the current trail, but it's not ideal. It's a narrow road and a noticeable climb from the south. Again, not great for CaBi riders. The new trail will be much better.

I like the Joyce St/Army-Navy Drive cycletrack proposal too.

No status update on the Washington Blvd. sidewalk upgrade. That sidewalk needs a lot of work.

I don't like removing lanes from cars, but that small section of Lee Highway might be able to take it. What could also help is call boxes for pedestrian signals CROSSING lee highway.

Or tear down that awkward ramp to the Gateway Park - which is only used by homeless/parkour -- and use that to build out the bike lane.

I read that Old Jefferson Davis Hwy may be renamed. That's a good idea. Besides the fact that most people in the area aren't so thrilled about honoring Jeff Davis, it's confusing to have that road nearly branching off from the regular Jefferson Davis Hwy.

Two of the suggested replacements are S. Clark St. and Fort Runyon Drive. S. Clark St. would be preferable because S. Clark connects to that road already. Very few people are going to figure out what Fort Runyon Drive is named after.

Only problem is that there's a side street that is already named S. Clark St., just a few feet from the (new?) S. Clark St. Maybe that side street would be renamed, or removed altogether.

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