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WNS is a hoax, foisted on us by liberal elite vigilantes from crime-ridden metropolises.


Tunnels are awesome. Bats are awesome. This is like finding out that eating ice cream kills kittens.

My wife and I rode the Western Maryland Rail Trail for the first time from Big Pool to Hancock and back a few weeks ago. I was bummed that there weren't any of the old railroad tunnels on that stretch, but it was still a good time and a lot cooler by virtue of being in the shade. Next time, we'll do the stretch from Hancock to Pearre. I'm a big fan of the tunnels, but I understand if they get left out for the bats, though it would be nice if they'd leave one for bats and one for people, etc.

Of course, in true Copenhagenize fashion as practical urban cyclists, we were wearing normal clothes and no helmets — why would we need a helmet? They're aren't any cars! :) My wife refuses to bike in anything but dresses. Apparently, we were in the minority on that one with all the spandex and special biking clothes. :)

Tons of fun, though. Wish there was more to do or see in Hancock, as I think we ate in the one passable restaurant.

Steve, did you check out the C&O Canal museum, about 1/2 mile to the south of town? It's small but pleasant. There's also the hokey fruit stand a little farther past the Park 'n Dine which has a plastic topographical map of the area mounted on the wall . . . and pie. Lots of pie.

It's really just a stop for those headed out to the North or West, or availing themselves of the nearby cycling and boating opportunities.

I'm not too fond of tunnels myself. I don't even like that tunnel on the Capital Crescent Trail. I'd probably like this tunnel even less, with the bat guano all over the pavement.

I don't know if I'll ever ride out that way, but I wouldn't miss those tunnels if they are closed off.

Crickey7, yep, we stopped in that old plantation house on the canal, if that was the museum. But we didn't linger too long, as it was hot in there and we were hungry! I think the proper C&O canal museum is back toward Hagerstown somewhere. I remember passing a sign for it on the interstate either coming in or going out of Hagerstown from DC.

One of these days I'm going to bike to Pittsburgh on the C&O — in fashionable clothes, of course. :)

I don't even like that tunnel on the Capital Crescent Trail

On days like today that tunnel provides a welcome, if too brief, respite from the 100 degree heat :)

Jeff: or warmth in winter, or shelter from the rain. This summer you can feel the chill coming from a long way. Its very welcome.

The echoes are kind of fun.

to lose even one of these tunnels to this would be a true shame whats wrong with the natural caves these bats have lived in for millions of years many of witch have not even been discovered by people ?

Michael would probably hate the tunnels on the abandoned PA Turnpike (which I've biked). One's over a mile long.

you mean the LOST hwy those tunnel look cool

I hiked through the Indigo Tunnel several years ago. It would be totally cool to ride through it.

I would love to go through that tunnel(indigo)I just hope that when(if) they do seal it up that in a few years then review the effectivness of the closure, then maybe the tunnels can be opend up and then what ever proposed options are went with will then be a series of trail loops

Personaly I want the trail to be built the way it was proposed in the begining ,but I am also very much on the side of any trail is better than no trail !! Also if the trail would be crushed stone rolled and dressed the trail could go much farther

Those intrested in the bridge and tunnel option should check out the carpendale rail trail project its very simalr to this project in that it too is part of the WM-west sub.It starts at MD jct.and runs to south cumberland not sure of overall lenth it has one tunnel (knobbly)now with lights and one bridge #9 potomac crossing . all the contract onfo is on public record should give a good idea of cost per bridge and tunnel (if used)keep in mind it was a (prevaling wadge job)and not all of this project should have to be that high of a scale wadge, although some may!

This is a fast developing story and we should try to keep this towards the top of the comment list!

Have all concerned sent in your letters answering the questionare and opinions section ?I think 8-15 is deadline!!

7 days left to respond

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