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I'm surprised that there isn't more of a correlation between Number of Bike Crashes Relative to Miles of Bike Lanes. Hopefully things will improve with more motorists being aware of cyclists and learning to respect bike lanes.

I can only guess how the politics might play out, but it is too bad that DDOT report doesn't mention non-resident bike commuters. At my DC workplace the majority of bike commuters come from Montgomery or Prince Georges counties. That's fewer cars clogging the roads and competing for parking, less emissions and other good things for DC.

Also too bad that the statistics only go through 2009. From my experience, the last couple of years have seen even more dramatic growth in bike commuting. Colleagues who've never commuted by bike are considering the switch.

John, I think that with the number of cyclists going up and the number of crashes staying the same, that might be a sign of success. What they should really show is crashes per cyclist. They could use crashes per bike commuter as a proxy.

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