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If we do go out and count cyclists running stop signs, can we stop by to give him the results at

I suggest just inviting him along for the videography, get him to explain his concern on camera, and then carry on an educational dialogue with him as you photograph things that are both legal and illegal.

When DC can start collecting a commuter tax, like many cities in the USA do, I'll be happy to pay any cycling tax Michael Klein of Poolesville can dream up.

I wanted to say they took out point number 6 because it was so powerfully true it would've caused riots, but in reality, I simply miscounted. (Argh! I hate accusing someone else of being "error-ridden" while making my own mistakes.) They cleaned up the count in the print edition, at least.

A common yet never commented on part of this rant is "they need tags so we can report them." Given that I've never had police respond when motorists endanger me or drive illegally in my presence- then sure, report me for California stopping. I'm sure the police will get right on that. They'll have 'em working in shifts!

Jeff - seriously, I've called in and reported dangerous passing with license #s, state of registration, and description of the vehicle and have each time been told there is nothing they can do. Good luck with those tags.

Ontarioroader, out of line - Mr. Washcycle I hope you'll delete that info.

I am all for paying a registration/road tax. I am embarrassed at the behavior we bicyclists display on the road. We are concerned for our safety and want to return home our family, but we choose dangerous roads to ride on and play Lance Armstrong. I too have ridden in Poolesville and what I think Klein meant was the majority are from D.C. People park at the schools and have bike racks on them. There are a lot of D.C. tags on those cars, as well as Virginia. We also play a role and make it dangerous for the typical vehicle. I know I have been concerned when driving at the posted sppeed limit and come accross a bike without any mirrors or headlight/taillight. If we are that concerned about our safety, shouldn't we be more proactive and have similar safety items on our bicycles that automobiles have? Or, are we that cheap and rather spout out on automobiles? You know, I have to laugh at the latest article that someone thought they brought in a lot of revenue to Poolesville. I seriously doubt our purchase of Gatorade, water, and energy bars are making a big difference. Also, I think they have an issue with shopping there because they have said we are unsanitary. I know I have walked into the CVS with sweat drenched tights and was dripping sweat on the floor. We are a guest when we ride in their town. We need to be more considerate of others and not feel we own the road. If we are to share, we need to equip our bicycles with Lights and mirrors. It is a team effort and we need to take responsibility for our own safety and not just blame the cars. We are all entitled to our opinions and putting someone's address out there is immature. Just be careful because that town does watch and you never know who owns surveillance cameras.

I live on the corner of Fletchall and Hughes and do see bikes running stop signs. You may end up on the hood of a car. Why would you think nothing would happen to you if you ran a stop sign? There have been a few deaths of bicyclists because they ran a stop sign on River Road extended. Looks at the memorials on the side of the roads. Always thinking about yourself and not others? Did you ever stop to actually use thought in that brain and consider the danger being so unlawful? Poolesville is a township and very tight knit. Be very careful.

Joe, mirrors don't really make you any safer. For me, they make me queasy and I have to stare in them to see behind me. Way better to turn around. And lights are only needed at night. I think cyclists do a very good job of sharing the road in the vast majority of cases. When they start running cars off the road, let me know.

Jerry, I think nothing will happen to me if I run a stop sign because that's what actually happens. Cyclists run 90% of stop signs according to some studies and yet failure to obey them is a small category of crashes.

What's with the threats by the way?

There are only a couple of bike fatalities I can recall out on River Rd. One was Judith Love, a triathlete who was killed by a drunk driver who crossed the yellow line and went all the way over into the opposing lane and shoulder, hitting her head on.

There was also the more recent case of a young boy trying to cross River at Travilah, I think (where the posted speed limit is 50}. There is no indication that he ran a stop sign, just that he misjudged the speed of the driver who hit and killed him.

Jerry, do you have any other cases to mention? The car crashes that happen out that way that have nothing to do with cyclists are too numerous to list.

Ack! I meant Judy Flannery (not Judith Love). Here's an item in the NYT about her:

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