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The beauty of the CaBi bikes is that they don't even require that you tuck into your sock to ride.

If anything, the "normal" cabi riders disprove the linked article's thesis. I agree that they are a huge positive for cycling.

But well dressed yuppie women won't help convince people that bike lanes aren't meant for them -- and they are meant to bring in a higher class of people. In other words, gentrification.

@charlie -- that may be true EOTR, but it should ideally be helpful in Spring Valley. On the other hand, Ward 3 is not exactly awash in bikeshare stations.

My pant wrapping tribe hates the sock tucking tribe.

I roll up my pants and am thus ostracized by both groups.

Who you callin' a sock tucker? Come here and call me that to my face.

vacation from blogging? maybe you will see bicycle infrastructure or bicycle behavior that inspires you!

and then this...

I believe someday sock-tuckers will be treated just like "normal" people and be allowed to serve in the military and get married. Someday.

I wear shorts when I ride. Breakin' the law, breakin' the law, breakin' the law!

Sorry to dredge up an oldish post, but...


Announcement to be made today re: the closure of the GenOn facility in Alexandria.

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