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Shocking. I thought your original post was pie in the sky, but it's great that this is happening.

For a second, I was hoping this referred to the Chalk Point facility. The Pope's Creek Subdivision would make a nice rail trail if it didn't need to be used to ship coal there anymore.

Nice to hear this finalized. That's a nice 1.7 million ton reduction in CO2 emissions - (that will of course be produced elsewhere by other coal power plant(s) in the region).

They note the retirement date for Oct. next year -with an extension if PJM needs it for reliability-must-run purposes.

I imagine that the decomissioning process will push at least to 2015...

I also thought you were just dreaming the other day. It's going to be interesting how the landed gentry in Old Town react to this. They are already bitching about development of some waterfront property a quarter mile to the south.

I thought it was a long shot, even while I thought it made sense. An article on this in the Alexandria Gazette(?) has a quote from the anti-waterfront plan people. They think the plan has to be restarted because of this.

Sierra Club is advertising this decision as a victory for their "beyond coal" campaign. Mayor Bloomberg is giving them a major gift to help reduce the generating capacity of coal plants.

The Potomac River Green proposal is strange. It includes residential, commercial and retail buildings all surrounding a natural gas refueling station. It makes sense when you look at the funding for ACSF, but why would you put residential buildings around a natural gas refueling station? Wouldn't that be dangerous?

The "landed gentry" in Old Town have been fighting the coal plant for the better part of two decades.

It's not a CNG tanker, its a service station for cars. They have one on benning road and have never had any problems. this was the bullet point in a different article.

•A compressed natural gas (CNG) and fast-charge electric car refueling station for government, commercial fleets, and individual vehicles

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