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the extension of the met branch south a block would be more than just "great," this is something the cycling community REALLY needs to push for. we should definitely get this on the NoMa BID's radar, as well as the office of planning. there's a good chance they'll seek a PUD for this property, and getting the trail extended would be a perfect amenity for them to provide.

it's a shame the trail can't go any farther than that due to the building that was built on the SE corner of 1st and K.

IMGoph. I agree about the building at 1st and K. That one started before I even knew about it. You would really only need to set aside space on one floor and could build both above and below the trail. There was plans - at one time - to run a streetcar through a building in Memphis (I think) one side would be a restaurant, and the other would be a hotel lobby and there would have been windows that highlight the light rail. One could do the same with a trail.

I had the same thought as you about the Greyhound terminal and just didn't get around to blogging about it yet.

Regarding both your comments, the problem with that building at 1st and K is as Tony Goodman, an east of the yard neighborhood activist pointed out to me, that space would have been perfect as an entry point to the some day platform over the yard, not unlike the high line.

Be that as it may, the same thing can happen at the site at the NE corner of that intersection. I don't know who owns that property now, maybe JBG.

Anyway, a proposal for access to the platform + extension of the trail should be created and forwarded to WABA, DDOT, OP, ANC6C, NOMA BID, JBG, the property owner of the bus terminal, and the property owner of the other site, which as best as I can determine from the DC Property Tax Database is probably J St. Development. (one of the principals of that company is on the NOMA BID board).

I seem to remember that the triangle of land between NY Ave. and Florida Ave. abutting the trail (the project is called Washington Gateway) embraces connections to the trail.

That could be the precedent relied upon as a model for this site.

"People don't like that!"

Go fuck yourself.

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