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Glad to see that the portion of the trail passing thru Bethesda is receiving so much attention and funding. Less enthused about the sad state of the trail as it proceeds east from Connecticut Ave to Silver Spring. I suppose a rutted gravel trail is more acceptable among the working class environs of SS amidst the immigrant apartment blocks and used car lots. Not something to be tolerated alongside the leafy suburban streets of Sumner full of Mercedes and Escalades.

I grew up in Sumner Village - I get to snicker a bit. The difference in the county's time and attention to the trail between the Bethesda section and the Silver Spring section is both longstanding and deplorable. I have my place of business in Silver Spring within 100 yards of the end of the trail proper and commute from my house in DC to Silver Spring daily. I often use the trail to get to Bethesda. The trail can be as fast as driving the same distance during rush hour but the gravel section is downright dangerous at times with ruts caused by poor drainage, uneven distribution of gravel and uneven connection to the high bridge surface over the creek.

Don't you know that paving the Georgetown Branch section of the Trail would be an environmental catastrophe, with wholesale worm and insect death? Better to leave the trail undisturbed as it passes through the home of the proper stewards of the environment, the Columbia Country Club.

the trail needs to repaved ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!!

when the hell will that occur?

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