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I had randomly come across David Goodrich's Crazy Guy journal early on during his journey while I was doing some leisure reading and researching routes. I followed his adventures the whole way across the country. His journal is here in case anyone's interested.

what has been the singles highest ridership day?

With the current number of bikes, I don't think you can hit 10K.

A little over 5000 I think.

Some systems average over 10 trips per bike per day, we would just need to spike that high.

People riding beyond the 30 minute times would be a major impediment to the 10x figure. Seems like when we have a spike, we also have "bike-hoggers". Not that it is a bad thing. Perhaps you can make a revenue target instead....

Is Mark Blacknell, the author of the "Wrong Way to Use a Bike Lane" article, saying motorists shouldn't merge into the bike lane before turning right? I thought that was the law in DC, though maybe it's different in VA.

I'm glad someone else hates seeing cyclists going the wrong way in the bike lane as much as I do, though. Seriously, it just endangers other bikers doing the right thing, and for what? To avoid the incomparable hassle of crossing the street? (Or going one block over, if you're on a one-way?)

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