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To encourage CaBi riders to wear helmets, D.C. is going toto give away 500 helmets. http://www.wtop.com/?nid=41&sid=2488989

The Examiner article even states that there IS a problem with access to the new BRAC site for people taking metro and walking yet, bizarrely, focuses on the funding for cars.

That is just begging for the million-ride bikeshare contest...

While I appreciate the efforts to widen the bike/pedestrian path on Jones Bridge Rd., the new surface they laid down is a kind of rough, holey concrete that will break up during the first winter freeze. Perhaps they are planning to put a smoother surface over the top? Asphalt would be nice. If they are not putting on a top coat, then the planners and/or the contractors are incompetent, and the public got ripped off.

My kid did the Lose the Training Wheels thing. Pretty cool. They have special balance bikes with cone-shaped wheels.

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