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I think six stations with 54 bikes is way too thin. Oh, and BTW, Alexandria is more than Old Town. I wrote the City a couple of times encouraging them to create a larger network connecting at least Old Town, Del Ray, the metro stations and Potomac Yards (and why not Arlandria too?). I guess that's not really doable with six stations. We'll see and of course there is always expansion.

Join "Alexandrians for Capital Bikeshare" Facebook page to support this initiative!!


Yes, Alexandria is more than Old Town, but except for Carlyle and along Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria doesn't really have the density or destinations to warrant Bikeshare. 6 stations may be "way too thin', but it's what the city can afford for the initial phase.

They've programmed future CMAQ funding for further extensions. Another 6 stations in FY 13 and perhaps 1-2 stations per year beyond that. Also, once the city joins the system, they can request proffers from developers/redevelopers for stations...in point-of-fact: the developer of the future Harris Teeter in north Old Town offered up a Bikeshare station, but it got dropped since the city hasn't joined on yet.

An obvious participating sponsor would be FAST Potomac Yard (Full Access Solutions in Transportation for Potomac Yard). They have already sponsored the existing station at S. Glebe Rd. in Arlington, the southernmost CaBi station.

FAST Potomac Yard also focuses on the Alexandria part of Potomac Yard, so it would be an obvious fit for that group to sponsor additional stations in that neighborhood.

Another 1 or 2 stations in Potomac Yard-Alexandria would greatly ease CaBi trips between Crystal City and Old Town. This would increase usage in both areas and possibly attract more members.

The bike infrastructure is already in place. Cyclists can use the Mt. Vernon Trail or the new Potomac Ave. trail (or road) to move between Crystal City and Old Town.

Then Alexandria could place one station near the King St. Metro station and the other five stations in Old Town, with perhaps one of the stations closer to Old Town North.

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