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This is great. Does anyone know the timetable for finishing the connection on the DC side, at least from the Maryland line to the bridges near RFK stadium?

The last I heard was this "DDOT has been working actively with the National Park Service since 2009 on design of the Kenilworth-Parkside Trail. Completion of design was delayed not by DDOT but pending the park service’s completion of a revised Environmental Assessment for the trail. In the meantime, the project has been further delayed pending the park service’s desire to also conjointly conduct an Environmental Assessment for a proposed connecting trail to the U.S. National Arboretum."

But no completion date.

M-NCPPC staff told BTAG recently that NPS is eager to connect the trail from PG to Kenilworth aquatic gardens, but that DDOT does not return M-NCPPC calls.

I am not sure whether M-NCPPC's statements can be reconciled with the DDOT statemet--unless NPS is ready to go with the connection from the DC line to the Aquatic Gardens, but not the rest of the trail. My impression has been that DC was simply building the trail north one step at a tine, while PG views a connection from Bladensburg south to any road in the District as useful.

Reminds me a bit of the WB&A where the trail in PG has extended to that Pax River/AA County line for years.

FYI the dedication of this trail segment has been moved back to 11/4 so Governor O'Malley can attend.

The good news is that the trail is already open for use. It dead ends at a wetland restoration area that is a great place for bird and wildlife watching.

Check the AWS website for programming featuring guided trips to the wetland area.

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