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my S.O. would LOVE to have this book. he still rides in his vintage 7-11 jersey sometimes.

(oh, and he will review it from a fan/daily commuter/11-year veteran courier/ex-roadie/current cyclocrosser's perspective. can't say how fast he will do it, though.)

That looks like fun! I'd love to read it. And even write a report.

In case it helps, I'll add that it'll be from the perspective of a bicycling geek who watches a lot of bicycle racing and who thinks its interesting that Andy Hampsten's recent Bicycling magazine account of his Giro win doesn't mention Bob Roll at all.

I saw an online promo for the book recently. Looks interesting. I might buy a copy later on.

As an avid cyclist, although a slow one and someone who loves history in general I would like the opportunity to read and post a review of this book. I recently finished "We Were Young and Carefree" by Laurent Fignon who was a contemporary.. Presently 63, I climbed on the bike in my 30's in in part because the success of the 7-11 team, including Greg Lamond's battle with the Badger.

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