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The most successful bikesharing systems offer stations closely packed enough so that dock blocking isn't a big concern.

Yep, this is just self-refuting clap-trap. You might just as well argue that "dock-blocking" is caused by insufficient station size. If only we rolled out 100-dock stations, we wouldn't have any issues!

Bike balancing issues will become less of an issue as the system continues to expand. I'm really looking forward to the 30 new Arlington stations, the 32 new DC stations next month, and the 50 new stations early next year.

Now that NPS is open to the idea of CaBi stations on the Mall, revenues from one-day and five-day members should skyrocket. CaBi has already seen a lot of short-term members. Think of how many more short-term members there will be with stations along the Mall.

If they put stations near East Potomac Park, CaBi will also see a lot of short-term users during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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