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The relevance of the crosswalk might have been that in MD bikes in crosswalk with the green have same right of way as a pedestrian in towns where riding bike is legal. Maybe police think it is legal.

But College Park Ordinance says:
Sec. 19-29. - Bicycles; speed, passing pedestrian.
It shall be unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle on any sidewalk in the city.

Very likely: Both had a green, so bike would have had right of way by virtue of going straight regardless of the crosswalk if he was right-hooked. Except with no reflector or light, he was not clearly visible.

Had cyclist run a red light, that would have been mentioned several times.

Oh look, cops jumping through hoops to blame the victim.

Was he black? They should mention that too, because black skin is harder to see at night, right?

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