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Would be nice to have someone testify about illegal u-turns through the Penn. Ave. bike lanes, possibly using that picture of a certain committee member doing just that as an exhibit.


Except as discussed here previously there doesn't seem to be a restriction for making a U-turn between intersections.

I was unable to testify last time, but I'm prepared to do so this time, and the role of proper enforcement in supporting our semi-protected bikeway infrastructure is one of the topics I'd include - in other words, exactly how protected is a bike lane that allows mid-block U-turns across it?

Buried in the meeting announcement is the nugget that the MPD's Office of Police Complaints is expected to release a report on bicycle and pedestrian enforcement issues sometime in September - that's this week by my calendar.

I don't know of any other reports that came out of the previous hearing, even though several were promised. I may simply have missed them. Does anyone else know of any?

When I was hit by a U-turning taxi on Penn (mid-block), the driver received two tickets: one for entering the bike lane, and one for illegal U.

Of course that's no guarantee that the tickets were accurate, but at least one officer out there believes there is such a restriction. It would still be helpful to have some sort of physical barrier, like a low curb, discouraging such behavior by drivers.


That's a good point - cars are not supposed to enter bike lanes except for the purpose of turning and then only at the end of the block where the lane striping is dashed.

Another thing I dislike are motorists who suddenly swerve into the bike lane in order to avoid traffic stopped to make a left turn.

One of those double decker tourist buses almost took me out with such a maneuver a few weeks ago.

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