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On its face this looks a bit anti-cyclist. But upon further inquiry it shows the police actually helping the bike community, which is plagued by theft.

"Two people on bicycles fired shots as they pursued a car late Saturday in a Northeast Washington neighborhood on the edge of Capitol Hill, authorities said."

"Officers will patrol the area and will give special attention to people on bicycles as well as to enforcing traffic regulations, police said. "

That is from the Wash Post 2 weeks ago. When I read it, I wondered if the suspects were driving, would the police give special attention to people driving cars? Maybe there is something more to the NBC 4 story...


This story had legs because it was completely believable, because this was exactly what 3D cops used to do before bike registration was abolished. In fact, one of the arguments that led to the ending of bike registration was the finding that the number of complaints of police misconduct related to bike registration checks were astronomically out of proportion to the number of bicycles.

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