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my cabi key is also falling apart. Has anyone gotten a replacement?

If only black CaBi keys were like black passports: "Sorry officer, you can't ticket me for failing to put a foot down at the stop sign. I have diplomatic immunity."

I think the red ones look better. But I'll hold onto my black key until it falls apart.

I'm the guy with the busted key. They said that they would mail me a replacement key, but I haven't gotten it yet (been a week). They said in the mean time that I could pay by credit card and they would reimburse me for any charges, but I've been really hesitant to do that and have only bought a one day pass when I needed it to get home. I don't know whether I did anything especially destructive to the key, but I suspect that just having it in your pocket will break it eventually. In any case, much thanks to WashCycle for linking to the blog.

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