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Did I miss something? Was today National Newb-free Day? I saw a grand total of 2 people this morning riding in on the CCT. Usually it's the first rainy day in November that weeds them out.

"Has a zipcar employee ever recovered your stolen car?"

Funny you should ask: not quite Zipcar, but an Avis employee rescued my cousin from a carjacking.

The Bike for the Heart event in 2009 was great, one of the best events I've ever participated in. I was disappointed to see that they didn't continue on with a 2010 event.

I'm underwhelmed by this indoor spin session. I hope they decide to stage another outdoor event in 2012. Bike for the Heart was much more accessible than the current Eunice Kennedy Shriver event in the fall. (EKS has some seriously high minimums for fundraising. That shuts it out to most people except for those who have many wealthy friends or who want to spend the majority of their free time on fundraising.)

I hope CaBi can hook up a sponsorship deal. In London (where they use the same system as DC, Montreal, etc.) name sponsor Barclay's agreed to an extra £25m (!) contribution to extend the system out past Hyde Park.

Has anyone approached, for example, Wells Fargo? They just did this big rebranding from the old Wachovia, and they are miles behind BoA and Capitol One in brand recognition. (Plus red is their color.) Or maybe Herndon-based Volkswagen of America; I think the intermittently-outdoorsy are their target demographic.

On Las Vegas and the Southwest, the strip is terrible for cycling, but if you look below the ped overpasses and other out of the way places, you'll see a bunch of parked wal-mart bikes belonging to the guys handing out smut flyers to passers by. The main bike routes in Las Vegas and most of the Southwest follow the drainage system of natural arroyos. They are dry most of the year, and generally have paths near or in the flood plain. They work well for recreation, but not so much for transportation.

@Michael H., I second your enthusiasm for the 2009 bike for the heart, and agree that an indoor event just isn't going to cut it. 2009 was a great family friendly ride. Spinning on a trainer isn't going to be at all interesting for families.

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