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Re cameras at metro station racks: Bait bikes, please, and catch the lock cutters.

Courtalnd Milloy says "Tell these folks that if they want more Bike Share they could at least learn how to ride the damn bike, stop weaving in and out of traffic. Car bumpers are harder than their butts if not their helmetless heads. Hey, I just want them to live to see another birthday." I think the average bike share rider knows more about riding their bike than the average DC driver does about driving their car.

Courtland Milloy is like the naked Id of the suburban black middle-class. Think Archie Bunker behind the wheel of a "fully loaded" Navigator festooned with Redskins flags and a personalized MD license plate asserting that the over-sized luxury vehicle is confirmation of Jesus' grace.

They don't give a shit about the city of Washington--they left a decade or two ago--other than to slag off anyone who currently lives here.

Yep, oboe nailed it. I don't know where Courtland Milloy lives, but his "bikes are getting in the way of my bumpers, where did all these people come from, why can't I go 60mph from my suburban subdivision to whereever I want to go whenever I want to (and get free parking right in front)" mentality is pretty common out here in the heart of the black middle class suburbs. PG county has been slow to adjust to non-car, non-Metro travel I think because our roads have historically been less jammed up than in Northern VA or Montgomery County or NW DC. You really could get around be car pretty well in northern and central PG in prior decades. As a result of that, there's a drive-to mentality for pretty much everything, which is only gradually starting to change. On the one hand, it is nice to be able to drive places without undue delay -- I really appreciated that a lot, especially when my kids were in their activities years. But it has also delayed our area in adapting to higher densities and getting Metro-oriented, bike- and pedestrian-friendly local development. Lots of middle class folks invested in massive vehicles for drive-to-everything lifestyles that they now can't afford to fuel or make payments on. And with worsened congestion on top of that, it's really rattling the nerves of our Archie Bunker types. Plus the Redskins lost last night...

Funny how no one complaining about BikeShare has any inkling that their drive through downtown and getting a parking space is easier because of it.

And how can you hate anything as cute as those red bikes? It's impossible.

Why the racial component to this? I sure don't see any difference between the black and white middle class.

Jim is right. Apologies for my part. It's really more of a mindset thing -- we thought everything was supposed to be about cars all the time, and then the world changed and gas went up and cheap credit dried up and there's no more room to expand roads, and now we're cranky because folks are riding their bikes instead.

Courtland Milloy lives in Ward 9 (PG County). He should really just cut out the BS and replace "myopic little twits" with "white people".

Oboe is dead on.

@Jim T:

Why the racial component to this?

The phenomenon of "Courtland Milloy" makes no sense unless one understands the suburbanization DC's black middle-class. It's like talking about David Brooks without mentioning broader suburban culture.

I know a lot of older, reactionary white guys who live in the suburbs who probably hate Milloy (if they've ever heard of him) but they've got more in common than they do differences.

Hey, I saw David Brooks in the suburbs just last week!


Was he taking notes at PF Chang's? He was probably researching another book.

@oboe: I basically agree with your characterization of Courtland Milloy, but once the discussion started drifting to "they" it began to make be a bit uncomfortable. The white folk who fled PG because black folk moved in were not more friendly to bicycles than the newer residents. Nor are those who drive an hour to work from the Virginia exurbs.

Re: Courtland Milloy:

I love the irony of advice coming from a man who has not only been shown to be a careless and dangerous motorist, having lost his driving privileges at least once, but who, upon trying to ride a bicycle instead proved to be so clueless on how to operate it that he was stopped multiple times by the police and given warnings.

As my grandmother would have said - "The man doesn't have a lick of sense!".

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