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How much money is Arlington spending on this project?

Great news. I thought the bike stations were being funded from the increae in the car tax sticker this year.

Bob, Arlington is spending about $1.25M in federal/state CMAQ money for the first expansion and probably the same amount for the second. No local funds will be involved.

Is there a map of the locations that have been selected for installation somewhere?

@charlie Great idea!

Why not install the stations in the middle of the winter? We proved last year that people will still use them in the cold weather.

dcbrewer, there are a couple of maps linked to on the left side here.

Is there anything we citizens of the Commonwealth can do to get these contracts moving? Who should we write letters to?

Hmm. If Babs had a brain, she would be bashing Caren Merrick on this.

If you all wanted to see a map of all the proposed locations from DC, Arlington, and Alexandria, I've put them all together here:


We just received word that the contract has been signed and the Purchase Order has already been submitted to Alta for the stations and bikes. This order was for $894,000 worth of bikes and stations. The $200,000 in Decal Fee bikes were already ordered (those are the Court House and Clarendon ones going in shortly). A map showing the locations of all the bikes bought or on order, going out to Ballston, should be on BikeArlington.com shortly. Again, the stations and bikes approved by the Board last night will be ordered in a few months - once we've completed the public input process for the stations sightings and gone through the VDOT contracting process, which this time should go more quickly. You can tell us where you'd like bikes to go at bikearlington.com.
And regarding winter installation, if the bikes and stations come in during the winter and there isn't snow on the ground, we'll start installing. We agree that our area is good for bike transit 12 months a year.
Chris Hamilton
Commuter Services Chief
Arlington DOT

Regarding the map Corey posted, it should be noted that the Alexandria stations are DRAFT locations at this point. The King St Metro and Braddock Rd Metro stations will most likely remain as-is, but there's a fair chance the other four locations will move...potentially by 1-2 blocks in any given direction. The Alexandria part of the map also doesn't take into account either the "Harris Teeter" location or other locations where developers/employers have expressed interest.

@Chris Hamilton; thanks for the update. I wish you had been more, well, open, in the past few months since your meeting on the delays. But better late than never.

In terms of winter, well, I think everyone ynderstand that weather is variable and it is hard to predict which day is good to install a station. I'd like to see a station that doesn't require a semi and a big crane to put int place, but we'll have to wait on BIXI for that.

@Froggie Correct, it's just the draft locations in Alexandria. In Arlington, there are A/B/C options for some stations. I just marked the A choices from http://www.bikearlington.com/tasks/sites/bike/assets/File/Map-list5.pdf. Some of the A/B/C choices are a couple of blocks away from each other. And none of the interest from the various projects in Montgomery County in noted either.

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