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every alternative, as they are written currently, is pointless.

no one uses the asphalt sidepath from catholic univ. to the transfer station now...the pavement is ridiculously bad, and one wonders who approved to pay on that contract since it was so poorly excuted...

likewise: why would any of these alternatives matter?...

move on bike advocates. the mbt basically sucks now. and it won't get any better in the next ten years AT LEAST.

If EHN was really in touch with what is going on in DC, she'd be all over NPS for fighting the MBT going through Ft. Totten like it should. I'm sure she'll gladly show up for the ribbon cutting for this sad alternative, like she did years ago for the groundbreaking that led to no action for years. We need better leadrship here, it's not just an honorary seat.

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